The most important reason for considering the “SAFE Certification” program is the positive impact that its success will have on improving your company’s safety management system. Using various audit tools, during internal and external audits, key safety items will receive due attention, areas for improvement are recognized, legal compliance is verified and safety policies and procedures are audited to ensure that they are effectively communicated throughout your company.

A unified commitment to safety by management and employees in conjunction with the “SAFE Certification” program is expected to have an overall positive result on your organization’s health and safety program by reducing incident rates, improving production and employee retention and morale.

“SAFE Certification” not only makes good safety sense, it makes good business sense. Many client companies of forestry goods require assurances that the products they purchase are produced in a safe environment. The “SAFE Certification” program provides that assurance and provides all necessary documentation that your company may require to support that claim. 

Who can become SAFE Certified?

Any member company of NBFSA.

SAFE, SESAFE, ISESAFE, or ISAFE - Where does your company fit?

  • SAFE (Large Employer) - 20 or more employees and dependent contractors
  • SE-SAFE (Small Employer) - 6-19 employees or dependant contractors and their employees
  • ISE-SAFE (Independent Small Employer) - Small independent employers of 2-5 employees or dependant contractors and their employees
  • I-SAFE (Individual Owner Operator) - Owner-operators with no more than one office support person or one-person companies that hire non-dependent contractors