DURATION: 2 days
COST PER PERSON: Click here for details
DELIVERY METHOD: Classroom, Field
MATERIALS SUPPLIED: Participant workbook
EXPIRY: 3 years

This workshop is designed for anyone operating a chainsaw in the province of New Brunswick. It is an excellent workshop for occasional chainsaw users such as municipal workers, private woodlot owners, surveyors, pipe fitters, bridge builders, etc. This workshop covers the fundamentals of operating a chainsaw safely and covers important topics such as: sharpening and maintenance, danger tree identification and management, safe handling and felling and limbing. This course includes a practical component where participants will demonstrate their new skills in a treed environment.

Equipment required

  • Chainsaw (including owner’s manual)
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Felling accessories (including lever and/or wedges)
  • Maintenance tools and equipment (including fuel and oil)