COST PER PERSON: Click here for details
DELIVERY METHOD: Classroom, practical
MATERIALS SUPPLIED: Chainsaw Safety Workbook
ADDITIONAL INFO: Company must provide wood for practical portion of the course in a safe, non-traffic area of the wood yard.

Traditional classroom study introduces workers to safe handling of a chainsaw, and their rights and responsibilities according to the New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety Act. Further instruction concentrates on personal protective equipment, maintenance, proper handling, kickback awareness, and safety rules and guidelines. The practical covers the seven most important issues faced when handling a chainsaw: start up test, handling a running saw, kickback awareness, boring cuts, maintaining the cut; tension cut, and compression cut.

This course is intended for people who occasionally use chainsaws in a sawmill or construction environment where chainsaws are used on an irregular basis to cut jammed lumber, tear down concrete forms, or bridge maintenance.

NOT INTENDED for production fallers or anyone intending to prune or cut down trees in a forested environment.

Equipment required

All participants REQUIRE the following PPE:

  • Hard hat
  • Eye / face protection
  • Chainsaw chaps / pants
  • Hearing protection
  • Chainsaw boots
  • Gloves