Course Fees

MOST courses are offered to members at $70 per person, with a minimum of 12 participants.

Courses for non members are offered at $110 per person with a minimum of 12 participants and maximum of 20 participants.

Any new NBFSA participant is also subject to a one-time $11 passport/card administration fee

Contact us for additional pricing information.

Course Cancellation Policy

In order for us to promptly and fairly notify those involved, we require 2 BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE to cancel any course. If the request is not received before the required 2 business days you will be charged for the minimum number of attendants.

Minimum Occupancy

In order to cover the cost of the material and the trainer, the New Brunswick Forest Safety Association requires a minimum of 12 participants per class for most courses. If a company wishes to schedule a course with less than 12 persons they may do so, understanding that they will still be billed for the minimum of 12 (or whatever the established minimum may be).

Maximum Occupancy

The maximum occupancy for a course is typically 20, but depending on the nature of the course and/or restrictions due to the venue that number is subject to change.